Real Estate Monthly, Vol. 1, Iss. 1


JANUARY 8, 2016

New Real Estate Search App

C&E_App_Intro.keyCressy & Everett Real Estate has the newest and coolest real estate app. It works in the Indiana Regional and Southwest Michigan MLS areas. That area generally covers most of Indiana and western Michigan up to Cadillac and east to Lansing. Beyond the capabilities of the other search apps this one allows you to do a home search based on commute time, you can outline a desired area for a home search. You can even point the app at a listed house and get information. It works on iPhone, iPad, and Android. This is a must have home search app. Download yours today.


Elkhart County Market


155 ⇧ 18% Y:Y

Median Closing Price:

Average Days on Market:

New Listings:
117 ⇩ 18% Y:YY

809 ⇩ 12% Y:Y

Sales / List Price:

The market update is the most current available due to data reporting and analytics by the state reporting board.

Best Remodeling Projects Depend on Future Tenure

JANUARY 4, 2016
Tackling remodeling projects is a huge part of home ownership. Once settled in a new home, it’s common to make a list of all the projects you’d want to take on in the future, whether tomorrow or in five years. Homeowners may also be looking to tackle some projects when considering selling their place. According to a new study by the National Association of REALTORS®, the type of project you should consider depends on just that—whether you plan to enjoy the finished product yourself or make it more appealing to buyers. For example, REALTORS® ranked the addition of a bathroom, a complete kitchen renovation, a new master suite, new fiber-cement siding, a new front door, and new roofing as projects that brought the most personal joy to homeowners. Yet projects with the highest cost recovered upon selling were hardwood flooring refinish, an insulation upgrade, new wood flooring, new roofing, a new garage door and new vinyl siding.

Article from National Association of REALTORS® at

Did You Know?

There is enough water in Lake Superior to flood all of North and South America to a depth of one foot.


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